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Vintage Luray Pastels dinnerware by Taylor, Smith, & Taylor


Vintage Vistosa solid color dinnerware by Taylor, Smith, & Taylor
LuRay Pastels dinnerware was produced from 1938 to 1961 by the Taylor, Smith, and Taylor Company of West Virginia. This line of dinnerware was named for the beautiful Luray Caverns in Virginia.

It was initially available in four pastel colours: Persian Cream, Windsor Blue, Sharon Pink, and Surf Green. A fifth colour (Chatham Gray) was added in 1947 but was discontinued in 1952 due to a lack of popularity. This has made Chatham Gray pieces a challenge for collectors to locate.

Pieces are marked with the backstamp “TS&T LuRay Pastels”. There is also a marking on the back of many pieces (in the style “month-year”, e.g. “1-41” for “January 1941”) to indicate the date of manufacture. Very few pieces are unmarked.

In recent years, LuRay has become a popular line of dishes for collectors. While more collectors may increase the value of pieces slightly, rest assured that there is still plenty of LuRay out there for collectors to enjoy.

Luray Pastels colours

luray sharon pink
Sharon Pink
luray persian cream
Persian Cream
luray windsor blue
Windsor Blue
luray surf green
Surf Green
luray chatham-gray
Chatham Gray

Standard Luray assortment

The following is a listing of all items available in Persian Cream, Sharon Pink, Windsor Blue, and Surf Green. There is no significant price value difference for items in these colours.

After May 1949, these items were only available in Persian Cream: water jug, fixed stand sauceboat, chop plate, teapot, and salad bowl. These items are therefore more commonly found in Persian Cream.

Tea and coffee items

Water and juice items

Plates and dishes



Condiment servers

Specialty items

Chatham Gray

Due to its late addition and early discontinuation from the LuRay Pastels line, Chatham Gray is a particular challenge for collectors. The following items are the only items available in Chatham Gray. If anything else is seen in this colour, check the backstamp that it is actually marked as LuRay.

Care of vintage Luray Pastels dishes

Luray Pastels dishes are handwash-only. While vintage dishes may be able to handle the heat, they will suffer if you put them in the dishwasher. The microscopic particles in any dishwashing product including liquids will abrade the surface and dull the finish over time. For the many dishes which already have crazing, this will cause further damage.

Do not use any hard cleaners on vintage Luray. Soap and warm (not hot) water only.

Where to find vintage Luray Pastels

When buying and selling vintage collectibles, bear in mind these two factors:

As to where to go, try any of the following:

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