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Vera Neumann ladybug logo
The designer simply known as Vera is best known for her scarves. She began designing in the post-war years when silk from surplus parachutes was inexpensive. As the popularity of her scarves increased, she licensed her work for use on linens and other textiles, ceramics, and even wallpaper! Her creative endeavors continued almost until her death in 1993 at the age of 84.

Due to the high quality of the materials used, much of her work survives today. They are popular collectible items, though many collectors restrict themselves to a particular type -- scarves, for example, or table linens -- or motif (floral or geometric).

Vera and her Lucky Ladybugs

The "Vera" trademark was first used in 1947. Her earliest pieces are marked "100% cotton" or "100% silk" with the ladybug logo in use. She chose the ladybug symbol as her logo because it is considered a symbol of good luck. On later pieces, the font for "Vera" is smaller, and normally occurs without the ladybug.

Scarves may be marked with the ladybug logo, but there will generally be an attached tag with fabric content in addition to the silkscreened logo on the scarf.

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