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Vintage and retro 1950s housewife clothing ideas


dress like a 1950s housewife

If you enjoy vintage clothing and accessories, you might consider dressing the part, either every day or as a costume for Halloween.

Fortunately for you, the retro look is in! This is an easy outfit to assemble, and it could be created as cheaply or elaborately as you like with very little effort. You are limited only by your imagination, thrift store savvy, and budget on this one!

As a bonus, even if you just need a costume, you get a nice retro look suitable for everyday wear later on.

Retro dress ideas

For those skilled at sewing, there are books of retro dress patterns available. You could even use an actual vintage dress pattern if you have one. This makes it easy to sew your own housewife costume in the exact colours and fabrics you choose.

If you can't sew a seam for anything, shop around for suitable retro or vintage dresses that will form the basis of your outfits.

Accessorize your vintage housewife look

Once you have a basic 1950s housewife outfit assembled, it's time to choose just the right accessories to complete the look!

I'm sure you couldn't imagine June Cleaver without her pearls and apron (and of course, doing housework in seamed stockings and high heels -- while never mussing a hair).

Add some cat's-eye glasses for the perfect finishing touch!

1950s housewife hair and makeup tips

The important thing for period makeup is to study photos from the time period. Vintage magazines are a good resource, and usually inexpensive. The 1950s makeup palette was limited: eye shadow in blues or green, a touch of rouge (just a touch), and red or coral lipstick. Be very careful not to overdo it -- no heavy eyeliner, no clown lipstick.

Hairstyles were simple as well. A high ponytail for a younger housewife, perfectly coiffed curls for an older one.

Where to find vintage housewife dresses and accessories

Try any of the following for your perfect 50s housewife look:

Tealmermaid's Treasure Grotto