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Vintage Vistosa dinnerware by Taylor, Smith, & Taylor


Vintage Vistosa solid color dinnerware by Taylor, Smith, & Taylor
Vistosa dinnerware was introduced by the Taylor, Smith, & Taylor company of West Virginia in 1938 to compete with the many solid-colour lines of dinnerware being produced by other potteries. The dishes were available in four colours: Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green.

Vistosa can be easily recognized by the scallop embossment on the rim of the dishes, and pieces are marked with the backstamp "Vistosa TS & T USA". The line was not mentioned in advertising after 1939 and is believed to have been discontinued in the early 1940s.

Vistosa colours

vistosa red
Vistosa Red
vistosa yellow
Vistosa Yellow
vistosa blue
Vistosa Blue
vistosa green
Vistosa Green

Standard Vistosa assortment

Note: Although the Red dishes were priced higher at the time of production, all Vistosa items are rare enough that there is no significant difference in value between colours.

Care of vintage Vistosa dishes

Vistosa dishes are handwash-only. While vintage dishes may be able to handle the heat, they will suffer if you put them in the dishwasher. The microscopic particles in any dishwashing product including liquids will abrade the surface and dull the finish over time. For the many dishes which already have crazing, this will cause further damage.

Do not use any hard cleaners on vintage Vistosa. Soap and warm (not hot) water only.

Where to find vintage Vistosa

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